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Patio Cleaning Battersea SW11

Patio Cleaning BatterseaPatios become gloomy, unattractive, slippery and discoloured over time especially if they are not properly and regularly washed. To make your tiles, concrete, brick and natural stone outdoor areas shine and bring back the colour in your garden, trust in our experienced staff.

They have what it takes to make your patios look like new and remove the dirt, stains and soiling from them.

We work with the latest and most effective machines for pressure washing. Our patio cleaning services are at your disposal in Battersea every day in the week. Use them to make your outdoor home or business areas presentable and attractive.

“I liked the staff in this company. They were very friendly and helpful over the phone. Their cleaners came right on time and cleaned quickly. I have no complaints about their work. And the prices here are great. I recommend them to people on a budget, like myself. ” – Kate

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Thorough Patio Cleaning Battersea

By using the services of the skilful and reliable technicians in our company you get professional work at an affordable price. Our staff can implement:

  • Hot water pressure washing
  • Cold water pressure washing
  • Applying of suitable sealants over the cleaned patios for protection
  • Removal of stains, dirt deposits, oily residue, tyre marks
  • Eliminating of paint splatters, moss, weeds and algae

To maintain your paved, tiled and stone surfaces well washed and impeccable you should have them pressure washed every now and then. Your expenses will definitely pay off and you will get a better profit of the sale and renting out of your property.

Pressure Cleaning Services
Pressure Cleaning £2.5 /m2
Jet Washing£2.5 /m2
Driveway and Patio Cleaning£2.5 /m2

Veranda Washing SW11

Veranda Cleaning SW11Our cleaning technicians check the condition and size of the patios and estimate the time and price of the services in advance. They need access to water and drainage to do the work effectively. Take advantage of our thorough patio cleaning services to have the outdoor areas around your home and commercial estate, located in Battersea, rid of all contaminants.

Our staff are supplied with advanced jet washers that can restore the colourful, bright and nice appearance of every patio. Whether you have tiled, stone, concrete or other type of patio, we have what it takes to make it spotless and attractive.

We can apply algae, weed and moss repelling sealants, non-slippery coatings and other kinds of sealants. Use our reliable patio cleaning services which we implement in the SW11 territory to proprietors and holders of business and domestic estates.